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Well, it's been a while since this endeavor was begun, but here we are.  The official 'opening' of the site. Originally, was intended to function purely as a vehicle for continuing education and self-improvement in the field of software development, but during the development of the site itself, the purpose shifted somewhat.

First, the nature of this site.  It was developed quickly and with little to no regard for design principles or best practices.  The whole notion was to get a site quickly up and running, with just a few basic requirements:

  1. It was going to be .NET core and hosted on  a Linux machine.
  2. The development workflow had to be such that one could work in turn on a mac, windows, or linux machine with zero environment issues.
  3. It was going to be built and deployed using continuous integration.

The current site meets those requirements.  It's by no means complete.  Future articles will address all sorts of improvements done on the site, from refactoring the project to better adhere to best practices, or adding styling improvements for the currently atrocious comments.  Security issues are also a likely source of article inspiration.

Other articles of a technical nature can be expected.  Personal projects that are interesting at all are likely to be mined for article material.  A game ported from XNA to PyGame, for instance, or my efforts at porting a Circle MUD from C to C++, or even the fledgling custom MUD server in C# that needs a lot more love than it's currently getting are all likely to be the subjects of more than one article here on Defiant Duck.

I mentioned above, though, that the purpose of the site had shifted somewhat, and everything described thus far represents no deviation at all from the original intent.  The 'shift' will be manifested in other articles with more of a cultural bent.  You can expect to see all sorts of articles from across the spectrum of 'geek' interests (not just software).  So, you can expect articles about the upcoming Middle Earth show on Prime, or Star Wars, or gaming, etc.  Really anything that strikes my fancy is up for consideration, but it will always bear some relation to some segment of geek culture.

So, welcome.